Little Girl

Julia Noa Fischer - New EP "Little Girl"

"This voice, clear and straight, effortlessly reaching the highest peaks while remaining grounded in the song. Acoustic sounds blend into a unique, personal style." (Christian Muthspiel)



Julia Noa Fischer with Attosphere - Schumann live at Glatt & Verkehrt

"Robert Schumann’s songs presented in a nuanced, delicate interpretation. The ensemble “Attosphere” begins from silence and approaches the primal source and purity of these songs via electrifying sound images." (Angelika Hagen)



"Songs made of glass. An exceptional singer of  transcendent heights and enormous depth. With “Silent” Julia Noa Fischer has produced an album which should be labelled  “careful, fragile!”.


Songs like glass, clear, polished and closely fused out of jazz and pop."

(Michael Tschida, Kleine Zeitung)


"Julia Noa Fischer’s compositions reveal daring, creative, and unexpected spaces, making every listening a new experience. She has mastered a skillful approach in subtle mutations of harmonies. (Christian Muthspiel)